An event agency : our size means you deal with a person
not an organisations processes. We are straight forward
to talk to, ask a question of and get a clear and
realistic answer from ......

Who we are » Toucan

Management is one of those words that’s easy to say
but one that is often over used. You can learn some
of the principles but to do it well you need lots
of experience. Toucan has that experience ......

How we work » Management

How we work » Consultancy

We don’t “recommend and run” which is often what
some companies think consultancy means. We want
to talk, think, evaluate, share our expertise and
come up with solutions ......

How we work » Knowledge

The best knowledge is more than just information, it is
information with context and supported by experience
of how it is best applied.This is what Toucan can
provide for you ......

Our expertise » Events

We have more than 50 combined years of direct
event experience in all business sectors.
Toucan have and can deliver ......

Our expertise » Destinations

Knowing where and and more importantly where not to
go is an art. If done well it demands direct and
personal experience. It is affected by lots
of factors ......

Our expertise » Venues

Matching the right venue to your audience is essential
to an events success. Often this choice can be
restricted or driven by many factors ......

TOUCAN: FULL SERVICE EVENT AGENCY AND CONSULTANTS.............Our new client zone has downloadable information sheets and case studies.