How we work ...

... Toucan works with its clients either as part of their in-house team or as an out-sourced solution for one or multiple events and projects. Our range of experience means we can not only provide full logistic and management services for a broad range of events but also deliver consultancy support.



Management is one of those words that’s easy to say but also one that is often over used. You can learn some of the principles but to do it well you need experience. Toucan has that know-how. We use our management skills to deliver events that then ensure our clients and their customers gain the greatest event experience possible.

Event and project management is at the heart of what we do. Our management team have worked with all major business sectors and understand the importance of how an event fits in to the broader marketing mix.

Our event management services include:

  • Budget development, management and analysis
  • Venue finding, negotiation and contracting
  • Inspection visits and reporting
  • Proposal writing and recommendations
  • Delegate communication and invitations
  • On-line registration and web / social media integration
  • Meeting room and AV configuration
  • Creative production services
  • Accommodation and travel management
  • VIP & speaker management
  • Design and marketing / branding support
  • Entertainment, guest speakers and theming
  • Congress and secretariat services
  • Event specific service e.g abstract management, medical writing, sponsorship packages, exhibitions
  • Onsite management, support and delivery
  • Insurance
  • Evaluation and compliance

We are happy to provide some or all of these depending on your own resources, skills or time.



We don’t “recommend and run” which is often what some companies think consultancy means. We want to talk, think, evaluate, share our expertise and come up with solutions that can be implemented NOT left on a shelf. When change is needed extra support and objective views are essential. Toucan provides exactly this.

Consultancy projects Toucan can help you with include:

  • Evaluating or choosing service partners – review, implement and assess third party contracts for event and venue services you currently have or are thinking of out-sourcing
  • Undertake feasibility assessments – events, projects, venue development, service expansion
  • Benchmarking – competitors, services, venues prices, event ROI
  • Procurement, tendering, RFP and pitch process management
  • Venue and agency sales support in key markets such as healthcare and associations

We are happy to talk through what is needed and offer advice.



The best knowledge is more than just information, it is information with context and supported by experience of how it is best applied. This is what Toucan can provide for you: direct access to high level personal knowledge.

Our knowledge bank includes:

  • Senior level venue, agency and hotel management experience
  • Practical solutions to part or all of your event project management
  • Medical communications
  • Healthcare events and their position in the product life-cycle
  • Global event delivery and management of all sizes and complexity
  • Destination, hotel and venue experience for UK and international destinations
  • National and international association events and membership management
  • International compliance in the healthcare sector

Our knowledge continues to grow daily, so we always have something new to share.

...Toucan: “You are a truly professional “one stop” shop, it’s fabulous working with you” Marketing Director, Euro/Asian Conglomerate