Our expertise ...

... we have more than 50 combined years of direct event management and industry experience in all business sectors.



Over the last 25 years the Toucan team have delivered every sort of event.

These include:

  • Advisory boards
  • Congress attendance
  • Faculty and symposium management
  • Full congress management and secretariat services
  • Investigator meetings
  • Product launches
  • Internal and external brand engagement events
  • Roadshows and promotions
  • Incentives and reward programmes

We also specialise in “hidden” brand event management for clients who need to control their commercial/public exposure.



Knowing where and more importantly where not to go is an art. If done well it demands direct and personal experience. It is affected by many factors including seasons, culture, travel connections, support services availability, political status, audience attitude, local traditions and even holiday calendar.

An event’s success relies heavily on the positive feedback received from all your stakeholders and their attitude towards the destination choice is fundamental.

Toucan have worked across all continents and in the last 10 years alone in more than 150 destinations and 50 countries.



Matching the right venue to your audience is essential to an event’s success. Often this choice can be restricted or driven by price, industry regulations, expectation (internal and external), message/brand alignment or just appropriateness. We are constantly updating our knowledge and investing time, effort and money in keeping both our direct and indirect experience (through personal sales contacts) up to date.

Regardless to the size of an event or where it is in the world we have intimate knowledge within the team to recommend hotels, conference centres and those unusual venues that often don’t sit on a database. This also needs combining with appropriate service support knowledge, pricing and delivery.

We can manage everything for you including contract negotiations and site inspections. Because we have personal hotel and venue sales experience we are able to negotiate to achieve measurable savings, and often achieve unrivaled prices, added value benefits and improved contract terms.

... Toucan: “Excelled at building relationships with our global key opinion leaders, affiliated associations, country colleagues and their physicians and also at sourcing the most unique and special venues” Director, Professional Relations, Global Pharma Company